A More Simple Life.

Yesterday I took the plunge a plunge I have been wanting to take for a while, if it doesn’t fit your not having it! I know you probably think I just mean clothes but I don’t. I decided to sell my wardrobe yesterday and downsize to a set of drawers and anything that didn’t fit in them drawers I threw away! And I realised something I have kept looking at my half filled wardrobe and kept on filling it up with items I never even wore just to fill the gaps but once the clothes were popped into my drawers I had too many, my problem was my wardrobe was too big not that I needed anymore clothes.

After clearing out my wardrobe I went onto my body care drawers, two drawers full of shampoo, conditioner, lotions and makeup items that were no longer any good because I had bought new not looking to check if I had any because an item was on sale or looked nicer than my other and now I had two drawers full! I felt vulnerable like I had been sucked into every sales pitch going just filling every drawer and space I had with bargains that were going to waste to have the buzz from saving money that the sales stickers had promised me, but a buzz doesn’t last forever.

I was on a roll then, I soon realised all these extra items were just cluttering my mind, I had been joining in on the rat race for too long buying things for the sake of buying to save money or feel better about myself when in reality I had spent more than saved and felt worse than before. I bagged it all up, some went in the bin others for sale to make some money to save aside instead of spend again, save for something to create a better future for me and my partner, save for something that would actually make an impact on our lives.

As I looked around my house, shaking from the adrenaline feeling like I had lost my mind a little the house looked bare but now my head felt the same. I had decluttered my home and at the same time rescued my mind from feeling the pressure to have more than the next person, all I needed was what I actually needed and once it’s gone replace with new, no need to bulk buy anymore, no need to panic!

Stay Strong,Keep Faith.


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