Bring Your Own Plastic Containers!

I don’t know whether anyone has heard or seen on the BBC news/ website today but Waitrose but they are finally doing something amazing nd life changing and heading in the right direction for helping us cut down on plastic waste!

Waitrose is now trialling where you bring your own plastic container to refill it with everyday goods such as pasta, rice and cereals. Not only that but also be one of the first to be offering pick and mix frozen fruit. Basically what you do is go into the shop and you ‘borrow a box’ which requires a deposit of five pounds and when you bring the box back you then get your five pound back.

I personally think this is just an amazing idea and think every supermarket chain should be doing the same to help the environment. Why do we need a new plastic bag, container, bottle everyday anyway or every time we purchase new items? We wash the same plates and cups everyday at home and reuse them so why shouldn’t we be doing the same when it comes to our plastic containers that our food is purchased in!

I think another amazing way to lead on from this idea would be to have refill stations at all local shops and supermarkets for our drinks you bring your own drinks bottle in and fill it up with whatever choice of drink you want weigh and pay for the drink you’ve bought filling any size bottle up from home with whichever drink you want and buy bringing your own bottle get a discount on the drink because everyone goes for the bargain option but everyone still likes to get their favourite drinks from the shop so it’s a win win for everyone while helping to save the environment.

Stay Strong, Keep Faith


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