Society Sucks.

Poetry By Rachel Burridge.

She decides to take a steady drive, get out and see the world.

But the driver behind doesn’t like how slow she’s going as he shoots by her in a whirl.

She decides to take a steady walk and mooch at the shop windows displays.

But the couple behind are too busy to admire them, ”we haven’t got time to waste” he say’s.

She decides to stop and ask someone at work how their holiday went.

But the manager doesn’t see that as work and shouts ”make sure your times well spent”!

She decides to colour her hair at home a little dip dye, she wanted a change.

But a group of teenagers at the corner shop decide they don’t like it and tell her she looks strange.

She waits for her friends to come round tonight, she hasn’t seen them in so long.

But they just want to sit on their phones all night, It’s all just feels so wrong.

She decides to stay at home today, just sit infront of the TV.

But it’s all doom and gloom from around the world no joy on here to see.

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