The Water Baby.

Poetry By Rachel Burridge.

Her head full of clouds, a big ball of mess.

A head full of negativity and bad thoughts but no where to confess.

She’s screaming for help but no one is there to listen.

No matter how many times she sleeps the voices never go missing.

She walks down to the river it’s the quietest place she knows.

The rush of the water flowing and suddenly the loud voices goes.

She dips her feet in the water and closes her eyes shut.

Her worries floating away in the sky she’s crawling out of her rut.

The fish splashing out of the water, hello smile on her face.

She thought there was no hope for her but this wasn’t the case.

As the water flow slowed down, so did the rush of her anxiety.

She realised the problem she had was only one with society.

Everyday from then on she sat by her favourite spot.

To take a break from her busy mind in a place that had been forgot.

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