Go Away, Please Stay!

Poetry By Rachel Burridge.

Head clouded with thoughts, flying from every direction.

Heart bubbling with a million emotions, craving more affection.

She’s madly inlove with him, he’s madly inlove with her.

She knows all this already but she can’t keep from asking him if he’s sure?

She only asked him last night if he still wanted to stay with her forvever.

But 24 hours can change so much, she needs to make sure they are still together.

She begs and pleads for him to remind her why he wants to remain by her side.

She smiles while he reminds her from the begining but she can’t help thinking he’s lied.

”If you want to go just go right now” she screams inbetween tears.

She would rather be alone than live with all these screaching fears.

An hour later she cries and begs and pleads him not to go.

He whispers in her ear no matter how much you tell me to run i’ll always say no.

She needs daily reminders and to stay true to his word that he will always stay.

And all those poisonous jelous voices will be kept right at bay.

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